Logistics consulting

  • Development of logistics models and optimized processes in the field of reusable transport packaging and charge carriers

  • Market analysis along the process chain, expert discussions with members of the process chain (purchasing, logistics, supply chain management, sales, etc.)

  • Evaluation of the competency and willingness of the involved parties, existing logistics structure within the process chain, and therefore of the chances of a successful implementation

  • Choice of a suitable business model (also for possible pooling of reusable transport packaging and charge carriers) for the logistics process in question 

  • Support with selecting an appropriate pooling partner

  • Concepts, process organization, process rules, process management for professional, efficient and profitable implementation

  • Assessment of market potentials, price sensitivities and attainable prices for services offered within the process chain

  • Support with creating business plans on the basis of a selected business model, critical business size, prices, etc.

  • Recommended further steps